Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited

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Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited has been established since early 1982. Evergreen is one of the fastest growing real estate agents and relocation management companies throughout this emerging region and provides the most comprehensive range of flexible services. Our success built on service and YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR JOB #1.

Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited has a unique approach to its work. We have taken a long hard look at the business we are in and have identified that we are in business of solving problems related to our client’s property needs. We also have identified that these needs vary from each individual client and that are no standard solutions.

Providing high quality, comprehensive range of services from a single point of contact is essential to meeting the requirements of our clients – from individuals to multinationals. The formation of the Evergreen Real Estate Agency Limited has reinforced the strength of our service, providing even greater scope and expertise. We are committed to providing strategies and solutions designed to anticipate and response to the ever-increasing needs of our clients – whether they are local, regional or international in nature. Working together, we Evergreen create effective property solutions, and we can implement professional service plans quickly and efficiently through a single point of contact.

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